Tom Dixon

tom dixon coal drops yardtom dixon coal drops yard


Self-taught designer Tom Dixon brings his iconic work, including the S Chair and Melt pendant light, to the Bagley Walk Arches at Coal Drops Yard. This gorgeous canalside interiors shop and gallery is also home to a restaurant and design studio – where his designers craft their latest pieces.


Dixon’s ‘The Coal Office’ is purposefully multilayered. Inside you’ll find distinctive collections of extraordinary objects to ponder. Explore the Lighting Shop, Haberdashery, Service Counter, Furniture Shop, Perfumery and Gift Shop.


tom dixon coal drops yard
tom dixon coal drops yard
tom dixon coal drops yard

“For us it was imperative not just to find a new office or shop,” according to Dixon. “It was vital to find a new home. London isn’t just another city. It is where it all started. We will use these 17,500 square feet, in this incredible location, as a platform to broadcast our latest ideas in interior design, product innovation and experiments in food, functionality and future living.’

Find us

3-10 Bagleys Walk Arches, Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross, London N1C 4DH


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