flag mania store store coal drops yardflag mania store store coal drops yard
23 June 2020
31 July 2020

This Manual is available to download here and is designed to address how messages can promote social interaction and togetherness in times of separation and uncertainty. The manual is inspired by the rich and creative history of banners and flags. Flags can be symbolic, decorative or signalling devices, and their use in art and design has a rich history. Flags blur the line between art and the everyday; they are communication tools between individuals and groups alike. What will you say with yours?


About the designer:

Namuun Zimmermann and Rike Glaser are designers, interested in how design is used as a tool to reflect our contemporary experience. Through Educational workshops they create and explore new methods of understanding social, political and cultural issues.


Share you work:

To help evolve your new skills further, STORE Store are asking you to share your creations; they will then pick their favourite submissions and publish the results in a limited printed edition including all the manuals. Everyone who makes it into the book will receive a copy. To get involved tag us in social #makersmanual @storeprojects @coaldropsyard @namuunzi @rikeglaser or email STORE at [email protected].


Don’t forget to include pictures and a description of your piece in under 100 words.

flag mania store store coal drops yard
flag mania store store coal drops yard
flag mania store store coal drops yard

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