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Coal Drops Yard abrite une communauté où se côtoient différentes marques établies, magasins indépendants, bars, cafés et restaurants. Découvrez les histoires qui se cachent derrière ces personnes et ces entreprises qui font de Coal Drops Yard un espace si unique. Les articles suivants, publiés à l’origine dans le magazine KX Quarterly, ont été édités et mis à jour pour refléter l’image de ces marques aujourd’hui.

APC My Coal Drops Yard



La marque de mode française, A.P.C., qui séduit les passionnés de la mode depuis plus de 30 ans, n’a jamais été autant convoitée.


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blackhorse lane my coal drops yard



London’s only jeans-makers Blackhorse Lane Ateliers focuses on craft and sustainability. Style and substance – no wonder it’s a huge hit with denim fans.


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honest jons coal drops yard



Honest Jon’s has been a key player on the capital’s music scene for over four decades – and now this west London legend has found a home in King’s Cross.


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kitchen provisions my coal drops yard



All your specialty culinary needs in one place – at independent cookery store, Kitchen Provisions.




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maya magal my coal drops yard



London-based jewellery designer Maya Magal is known for her clever mixing of metals and stylish designs, but there’s so much more to discover about the brand.


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earl of east coal drops yard



From side-hustle start-up to one of London’s most respected scent-makers – the past five years have been quite the ride for boutique candlemakers Earl of East.


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Caravane My coal drops yard



Caravane, has collaborated with artisans around the world to create its unique homeware collection finding the charm of craftsmanship in today’s mass-produced world.


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redemption roasters my coal drops yard



With its state-of-the-art coffee roasting facility at HM Prison Aylesbury, Redemption Roasters at Coal Drops Yard is giving young offenders a second shot at a career.


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