store store bird feederstore store bird feeder
10 Juin 2020
31 Juillet 2020

This Makers Manual is available to download here and will teach you how to make bird feeders from a few simple ingredients: all you’ll need is creamed coconut, seeds and different shaped moulds that you can create yourself. The bird feeders can be hung outside on a tree in a park or in front of your window or balcony and will serve as nutrition for hungry birds in search of food in the coming months. By offering food for wild birds in cities you can help to make the built environment a more welcoming place for more species than just our own!

About the designer:

The Bakerloos is an award-winning experimental design studio founded in 2016. The studio has a keen interest in devising new architectural methodologies, processes and tools to approach the built environment through the power of collaboration and collective imagination. The studio members have extensive experience in the field of architecture, innovation consultancy and exhibition design.

Share you work:

To help evolve your new skills further, STORE Store are asking you to share your creations; they will then pick their favourite submissions and publish the results in a limited printed edition including all the manuals. Everyone who makes it into the book will receive a copy. To get involved tag us in social #makersmanual @storeprojects @coaldropsyard @thebakerloos or email STORE at [email protected].

Don’t forget to include pictures and a description of your piece in under 100 words.

makers manuals store store
makers manuals store store
store store bird feeder

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